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Topic Title Output
Advanced Queries Aggregated Join [txt]
Advanced Queries Basic Join [txt]
Advanced Queries Detailed Join [txt]
Advanced Queries Filtered Join [txt]
Advanced Queries Multi-table Join [txt]
Advanced Queries Nesting Queries [txt]
Aggregation COUNT [txt]
Aggregation SUM [txt]
Basic Queries DISTINCT [txt]
Basic Queries GROUP BY [txt]
Basic Queries ORDER BY [txt]
Basic Queries SELECT [txt] [txt]
Basic Queries Simple WHERE [txt]
Basic Queries WHERE [txt] [txt] [txt]
Database Control Adding Records [txt]
Database Control Creating Tables [txt]
Database Control Importing Data [txt] [txt] [txt]
Database Control Missing Data [txt]
Database Control Updating Records [txt]
Database Structure Redundancy [txt] [txt] [txt]
Database Structure Split Cells [txt] [txt]
dplyr Databases Copy to Database [txt]
dplyr Link to Databases [txt]
QAQC Data entry validation in Excel
Tidy Data Clean Up Untidy Data
Tidy Data Improving Messy Data

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Topic Title Output
Basic Data Management Review [txt] [txt]
Basic Vector Review [txt]
Capstone Cocili Data Exploration [png] [png]
Capstone Length of Floods [txt]
Combining Basics Shrub Volume Carbon [txt]
Data Analysis Code Shuffle [jpeg]
Data Frames Database CSV [txt]
Data Frames Shrub Volume Data Frame [txt]
Debugging Debug the Code [txt]
dplyr Collect from Databases [txt]
dplyr Databases Copy to Database [txt] [txt]
dplyr Databases Link and Query
dplyr Databases Manipulate Query [txt]
dplyr Databases NEON Mammals [jpeg] [txt] [jpeg] [jpeg]
dplyr Databases Source and Query [txt]
dplyr Fix the Code [txt]
dplyr Link to Databases [txt] [txt]
dplyr Shrub Volume Aggregation [txt]
dplyr Shrub Volume Data Basics [txt]
dplyr Shrub Volume Join [txt]
Expressions & Variables Basic Expressions [txt]
Expressions & Variables Basic Variables [txt]
Expressions & Variables Modify the Code [txt]
Expressions & Variables More Variables [txt]
Expressions & Variables Variable Names
Expressions & Variables Variable Reassignment [txt]
Functions Built-in Functions [txt]
Functions Combining Functions [txt]
Functions Default Arguments [txt]
Functions for Loop [txt] [txt]
Functions String Data [txt]
Functions Use and Modify [txt]
Functions Writing Functions [txt]
Good Style Format the Code [jpeg]
Graphing Acacia and Ants [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg]
Graphing Acacia and Ants Data Manipulation [txt] [jpeg] [jpeg] [txt] [jpeg]
Graphing Acacia and Ants Histograms [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg]
Graphing Adult vs Newborn Size [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg]
Graphing Graphing Data From Multiple Tables [jpeg]
Graphing Mammal Body Size Distribution [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg]
Graphing Mass vs Metabolism [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg]
Graphing Sexual Dimorphism Data Manipulation [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg]
Graphing Sexual Dimorphism Exploration [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg]
Higher Order Functions Species Area Relationship [txt]
Knitr Reproducible Breeding Bird Survey Analysis [html]
Loops Basic For Loops [txt]
Loops Basic Index [txt]
Loops Basic Vector [txt]
Loops Crown Volume Calculation [txt] [txt] [png]
Loops Improve Your Code [txt]
Loops Multi-file Analysis [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [txt]
Loops Multiple Files [txt]
Loops Size Estimates By Name Apply [txt] [png]
Loops Size Estimates By Name Loop [txt]
Loops Size Estimates Vectorized [txt]
Loops Size Estimates With Maximum [txt]
Loops Species Name Capitalization with Apply [txt]
Loops stringr [txt]
Loops Use and Modify with Apply [txt] [txt]
Loops Use and Modify with Loops [txt] [txt] [txt]
Loops Vectorized Genus Extraction [txt]
Making Choices Basic If Statements [txt]
Making Choices Choice Operators [txt]
Making Choices Choices with Functions [txt]
Making Choices Complete the Code [txt]
Making Choices DNA or RNA [txt]
Making Choices DNA or RNA Iteration [txt]
Making Choices Load or Download File [txt]
Making Choices Simple If Statement [txt]
Making Choices Size Estimates by Name [txt]
Making Choices Unit Conversion Challenge [txt]
Modules dplyr
NEON Canopy Height from Space [png] [png] [png] [png] [txt] [png] [png] [png] [png]
NEON Cropping NEON Data [txt] [png] [png]
NEON Harvard Forest Soils Analysis [png] [png] [txt] [txt] [png] [png]
NEON NEON Database [jpeg] [jpeg] [jpeg]
NEON NEON Raster [jpeg]
NEON Phenology from Space [png] [txt]
dplyr Portal Data Aggregation [txt]
dplyr Portal Data Challenge [txt]
dplyr Portal Data dplyr Review [txt]
dplyr Portal Data Joins [txt]
dplyr Portal Data Manipulation [txt]
dplyr Portal Data Manipulation Pipes [txt]
dplyr Portal Data Review [txt] [png] [png] [png]
Putting It All Together Size-biased Extinction [txt] [txt] [png]
R-SQL Automate Query [txt]
R-SQL Connect and Query [txt]
R-SQL Data Stream [txt]
R-SQL Export to Database [txt]
Regular Expressions Find the Rodents [txt]
Loops Climate Space Iteration [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png]
Reproduction Climate Space Rewrite [png] [png] [png]
Reproduction Climate Space [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png] [png]
Reproduction Dinosaur Size Distribution [png]
Reproduction Megafaunal Extinction [txt] [png] [png] [png]
Scientific Mammal Body Size [txt]
Scientific Mammal Body Size by Continent [txt]
Scientific Tree Biomass Challenge [txt] [jpg]
Spatial Data Species Occurrences Elevation Histogram [png] [png] [png]
Spatial Data Species Occurrences Map [txt] [png]
SQL Practice Basic Queries Review [txt] [txt] [txt]
Statistics Adult vs Newborn Size Regression [txt] [jpeg] [jpeg]
Statistics Mammal Body Size T-test [txt]
Statistics Shrub Volume ANOVA [txt]
Strings Function with Choices [txt]
Strings Long Strings [txt]
Strings Print Strings [txt]
Strings Split Strings [txt]