Portal Data Manipulation (dplyr)

If the file surveys.csv is not already in your working directory then download a copy.

Load the file into R using read.csv().

Do not use pipes for this exercise.

  1. Use select() to create a new data frame with just the year, month, day, and species_id columns in that order.
  2. Use mutate(), select(), and filter() with !is.na() to create a new data frame with the year, species_id, and weight in kilograms of each individual, with no null weights. The weight in the table is given in grams so you will need to create a new column for weight in kilograms by dividing the weight column by 1000.
  3. Use the filter() function to get all of the rows in the data frame for the species ID SH.
Expected outputs for Portal Data Manipulation: 1