Fix the Code (dplyr)

This is a follow-up to Shrub Volume Aggregation. If you don’t already have the shrub volume data in your working directory download it.

The following code is supposed to import the shrub volume data and calculate the average shrub volume for each site and, separately, for each experiment.

shrub_data |>
  mutate(volume = length * width * height) |>
  group_by(site) |>
  summarize(mean_volume = max(volume))
shrub_data |>
  mutate(volume = length * width * height)
  group_by(experiment) |>
  summarize(mean_volume = mean(volume))
  1. Fix the errors in the code so that it does what it’s supposed to
  2. Add a comment to the top of the code explaining what it does
Expected outputs for Fix the Code: 1