Acacia and Ants (Graphing)

An experiment in Kenya has been exploring the influence of large herbivores on plants.

Check to see if ACACIA_DREPANOLOBIUM_SURVEY.txt is in your workspace. If not, download it. Read it into R using the following command:

acacia <- read.csv("ACACIA_DREPANOLOBIUM_SURVEY.txt", sep="\t", na.strings = c("dead"))
  1. Make a scatter plot with CIRC on the x axis and AXIS1 (the maximum canopy width) on the y axis. Label the x axis “Circumference” and the y axis “Canopy Diameter”.
  2. The same plot as (1), but with both axes scaled logarithmically (using scale_x_log10 and scale_y_log10).
  3. The same plot as (1), but with points colored based on the ANT column (the species of ant symbiont living with the acacia)
  4. The same plot as (3)), but instead of different colors show different species of ant (values of ANT) each in a separate subplot.
  5. The same plot as (4) but add a simple model of the data by adding geom_smooth.
Expected outputs for Acacia and Ants: 1 2 3 4 5