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dc logo de globe image SUB Göttingen (online)
Instructors: Timo Henne, Jens Nieschulze, Julika Mimkes, Péter Király, Birgit Schmidt, Najko Jahn
Helpers: Tu Phuong Hoang, Jonas Kaiser
Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2023
dc logo sg Singapore Management University Libraries
Instructors: Bella Ratmelia, Danping Dong
Nov 29 - Nov 30, 2023
dc logo us globe image Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center
Instructors: Urmi Poddar, Jacob Koehler, Anand Ruban Agarvas, Yuanxi Fu
Dec 7 - Dec 9, 2023
dc logo fr University of Strasbourg
Instructors: Carlos Brandt, Giordano Lipari
Jan 11 - Jan 12, 2024

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