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Data Carpentry is a sibling organization of Software Carpentry designed to teach fundamental concepts, skills and tools for working more effectively with data.

From astronomy to molecular biology, our increasing capacity to collect data is changing science. It allows us to ask questions that previously could not have been answered, and it changes the impact that science has on society. Although petabytes of data are now available, most scientific disciplines are failing to translate this sea of data into scientific advances. The missing step between data collection and research progress is a lack of training for researchers in crucial skills for effectively managing and analyzing large amounts of data.

Data Carpentry addresses this gap by teaching researchers the fundamental data skills they need to conduct their work. Our goal is to provide researchers high-quality, domain-specific training covering the full lifecycle of data-driven research. We teach hands-on workshops in data organization, management, and analysis to increase data literacy and improve research efficiency. Our domain-specific approach allows us to tailor the data, content, and tools to reflect the specific data and analysis needs of different areas. Domain specificity also allows us to build new skills on knowledge frameworks familiar to learners, and to motivate workshops using real scientific questions and data relevant to the learners’ field of study. This approach allows learners to see immediate value in the skills they are learning and to put new techniques immediately into practice.

A workshop can’t teach a researcher everything they need to know about data management and analysis, however it drastically reduces the barrier to entry and imparts the skills for continued learning and engagement. Our ultimate goal is to enable data-driven research in diverse disciplines by creating strong communities of data scientists and empowering them to conduct more innovative and effective research.


Our staff and leadership are committed to furthering Data Carpentry’s goals of developing and providing training to enable data-driven discovery. Our people plan, learn, adapt and engage with the community of learners, developers and volunteer instructors to meet these goals.
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Data Carpentry is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of NumFOCUS, a 501(c)3 organization. Data Carpentry is governed by a volunteer Steering Committee and run by its Staff. Resolutions and minutes of meetings are made publicly available.

Staff and Steering Committee members are committed to ensuring that activities are welcoming and inclusive, and the organization and all its events and communications adhere to a Code of Conduct.

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Founding and Support

Data Carpentry was founded out of an NSF BIO Centers CollabIT meeting, where we identified a shared need for training in best practices and strategies for working with data. This meeting included participants from BEACON, iDigBio, iPlant, NEON, NESCENT and SESYNC. Those efforts and support to develop and disseminate a data-focused curriculum evolved in to the current Data Carpentry organization, and the NSF BIO Centers continue to be actively involved.

We are currently supported by a grant from the Moore Foundation’s Data-Driven Discovery initiative.


Data Carpentry: Workshops to Increase Data Literacy for Researchers
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List of Data Carpentry Papers, Presentations and Proposals in Zotero.