Data Carpentry is primarily a volunteer organization. We work with Software Carpentry to train instructors, and all content is developed collaboratively by volunteers. This page hosts information and resources for people who have gone through instructor training or are helping develop lessons. It includes information on running workshops, completing and continuing training, contributing to lessons and further volunteer opportunities.

This page is growing. More topics coming soon!

Complete your instructor training

If you have gone through the instructor training course, but haven’t yet completed certification, please see our checkout checklist to help streamline your progress towards becoming a fully certified Data Carpentry instructor!

Information on workshops

There are two types of Data Carpentry workshops - those that are locally organized (self-organized) and those organized by Data Carpentry administrative staff (centrally-organized). You can find information about each workshop type, including checklists to help you plan your workshop, at the links below:

Contribute to instructor notes

Instructor notes are designed to help instructors quickly get up to speed on best practices for teaching specific lessons. By drawing on the collective wisdom of all instructors, we can lower the entry barrier for new instructors, increase their comfort level with the material, and sustainably grow our instructor pool. Please take the time to contribute to the instructor notes for lessons you’ve taught. Some helpful guidelines for contributing can be found here. Feel free to deviate from these guidelines as appropriate.

Current instructor notes for our lessons can be found through the lessons page.