Information on how to request and host a Data Carpentry workshop.

Already know the details? Request a Workshop! and one of our Regional Coordinators will be in touch to get started planning.

Process for Requesting and Hosting a Workshop

  • Request a workshop through our Workshop Request Form. You will be asked to select a range of dates that will work for your workshop and for information about the target audience, so we know which workshop curriculum will be best for you.

  • We will find Instructors for your workshop and then work with you to set a final date and curriculum for your workshop.

  • We’ll set up a workshop web site and your registration form if requested. It is up to the Host to decide if they will charge each participant. Often a nominal fee of $20 reduces the number of no-shows. Since most workshops have a wait list, it is best to be able to offer these spots to people on the wait list instead of having an empty seat.

  • The Lead Instructor will then be your point of contact to coordinate details and communicate with workshop participants, communicating with Data Carpentry administration as needed.

  • The Host is reponsible for local coordination, such as booking a room, ensuring there is power in the room and arranging things like coffee.

  • The Host and Instructors will work together to book travel in advance of the workshop. Please treat the instructors as you would a visiting speaker. They won’t know the location, so helping them with things like finding a hotel and information on transportation from the airport is greatly appreciated!

Want more details to help you plan your workshop? Check out these resources:

Data Carpentry administration will take care of all non-local logistical details. You can see a list of what we take care of here. If you have special needs for any of these pieces of the workshop, please contact the Carpentries workshop coordinator.

For information on what we teach, see our Lessons.

If you would like a Software Carpentry workshop instead, please visit their web site.

Workshop Fees

The cost of hosting a workshop is both the Workshop Administration Fee and travel expenses for the two instructors.

Workshop Administration Fee (Government and non-profit institutions): $2500 US

  • This is the fee for not-for-profit organizations, such as universities and government labs. For information on fees for for-profit organizations, please contact us. 50% of workshop coordination fees for for-profit organizations go towards supporting workshops in areas with financial need. Partial or full waivers for fees will be considered on an as-needed basis.

All invoices will be issued by Community Initiatives, our fiscal sponsor. The Carpentries staff will work with host sites to manage the invoicing process.

Travel Expenses for Instructors: $2000 US (estimate) All instructors are volunteers, but the Host needs to cover their travel expenses. We work to find local instructors, but suggest that you estimate about $2000 for the travel, food and accomodation of the instructors. The details of how you will reimburse the instructors needs to be established when the workshop is scheduled. The Carpentries is not involved in this process.

Self organized workshops Data Carpentry welcomes you to organize and run your own workshop without administrative assistance from our staff. This means you are already connected with our certified instructors and will work with them on all aspects of workshop organization, including curriculum and lesson planning as well as logistical details such as student registration. In order to use the Data Carpentry name and logo at your event, we only require that you follow our curriculum, have at least one badged instructor teaching and co-organizing your event, and let us know that you’re organizing a workshop. There is no fee (mandated or suggested) due to us for running a self-organized workshop.