Development of Lessons

To learn more about how The Carpentries develops its lessons, please refer to the Curriculum Development Handbook.

We are always in the process of developing content for new domains and topics. If you are interested in participating, please apply for a hackathon, help develop on line, get in touch or see our lessons under development.

All of our lessons are collaboratively developed and distributed under the CC-BY license. We welcome contributions!

Fix a typo, suggest a new module or add features to topics. We have a discussion forum and a Slack organization for discussion of topics or teaching strategies. If comments or suggestions are directly related to lesson content, please also feel free to file a GitHub issue.

Information on how to contribute

We are currently developing lessons on GitHub.

Information on how to contribute to lesson development

If you are interested in contributing, and haven’t worked with GitHub, we are developing other strategies for participation, so please get in touch.