Data Carpentry Steering Committee Meeting Report

August 17, 2016 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern


Steering committee members:
Present: Hilmar Lapp, Karthik Ram, Ethan White
Absent: Karen Cranston, Aleksandra Pawlik
Quorum present: Yes

Others present: Exec. Director: Tracy Teal


Report on workshops
Workshops since Jan 1, 2016: 48
Workshops since last meeting: 7
Breakdown: 1 paid; 1 fee waiver (Philippines); 1 fee waiver Self-Organised; 2 unpaid at conferences; 2 unpaid Self-Organised (Europe & Australia)

Report on partnerships
8 partnerships signed: Leeds, University of Washington, UCSD, Michigan State, University of Michigan, UCAR, Netherlands eScience

Discussed Performance Reviews for Staff
The Steering Committee will do a performance review for the Executive Director and the Executive Director will put in place a review process for other staff. Next Action: Steering Committee communicates with ED about her performance review process.

Executive Director Overview of Goals and Milestones
Executive Director gave a tour of Asana that Data Carpentry staff is using to set and track goals and milestones. Output from Asana will be used in future meetings to provide an overview of progress.

Discussion of the Moore Annual Progress Report
Annual Progress Report given to the Moore Foundation and followed up with responses to specific questions. Next Action: Report will be posted on the Data Carpentry website.

Discussion of attendance at Steering Committee Meetings and Steering Committee materials
Steering Committee attendance should be the Steering Committee members and the Executive Director with others invited to the meeting as needed for specific topics.

Discussion of Reporting from Steering Committee Meetings
It would be good to have an update from the SC meetings that goes out to the community. Rather than being official minutes, it can be an update/report. The goal is to capture the discussion and next actions, so the community is aware of SC activities. Next Action: ED will write update post-meeting, put on agenda for next meeting, for approval and then posting.

Discussion of financial accounting with NumFOCUS
Executive Director updated SC on NumFOCUS accounting problems. Next Action: ED will work with finance subcommittee on accounting and making NumFOCUS aware of issues.

Executive Director provided an update from the in-person SWC/DC Staff meeting

Next meeting is September 8 at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

Meeting adjourned at: 5pm Eastern Report submitted by Tracy Teal