Data Carpentry Steering Committee Meeting Report

July 14, 2016 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern


Steering committee members:
Present: Karen Cranston, Hilmar Lapp, Aleksandra Pawlik, Karthik Ram, Ethan White
Quorum present: Yes

Others present: Exec. Director: Tracy Teal


Discussion of the Roles and Responsibilities and process of the Steering Committee
There was a discussion on how to establish the roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee, now that there is a full Executive team (Executive Director and Associate Director) on the staff. Next actions: The Steering Committee members will continue this discussion, in communication with the Executive and Associate Director to establish guidelines.

Discussion of communication on milestones and progress
It would be good for the Steering Committee and community to be clearer on projects and milestones for Data Carpentry. Next actions: The Executive and Associate Director have established projects and milestones and will communicate this overview.

Discussion of No show policy for instructors
Software Carpentry has a no show policy for instructors. Data Carpentry would also like to adopt a policy and provide some further clarification on the SWC policy. Next action: Members of the SC and the ED will work on updated language to bring to the SC and the community.

Discussion of Code of Conduct
A Code of Conduct has been drafted to go out to the community for comment. Determined: The SC approves the current version of the document going forward to the community for finalization.

Next meeting is August 17th at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

Meeting adjourned at: 5pm Eastern Report submitted by Tracy Teal