Other Resources in OpenRefine

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  • What other resources are available for working with OpenRefine?


  • Understand that there are many online resources available for more information on OpenRefine.
  • Locate helpful resources to learn more about OpenRefine.

Getting help for OpenRefine

You can find out a lot more about OpenRefine at openrefine.org and check out some great introductory videos.

These videos and others on OpenRefine can also be found on YouTube by searching under ‘OpenRefine’. There is an official forum that can answer a lot of beginner questions and problems. Information can also be found on StackOverflow where you can find a lot of help. As with other programs of this type, OpenRefine libraries are available too, where you can find a script you need and copy it into your OpenRefine instance to run it on your dataset.

Using online resources to get help with OpenRefine

OpenRefine is more than a simple data cleaning tool. People are using it for all sorts of activities. Here are some other resources that might prove useful.

OpenRefine has its own web site with documentation and a book:

In addition, see these other useful resources:

  • Grateful Data is a fun site with many resources devoted to OpenRefine, including a nice tutorial.

There are more advanced uses of OpenRefine, such as bringing in column or cell data using web locators (URLs or APIs). The links above can give you a start on your journey.

Discuss a resource

Visit one of these sites and share what you find with another person.

Key Points

  • Other examples and resources online are good for learning more about OpenRefine.