Data Management with SQL for Ecologists: Setup


This lesson uses specific data files from the Portal Project Teaching Database. To get the data, go to the data location on figshare and click on Dowwnload all to download the zip file.

If you are working on this lesson on your own, you can move the zipped data file to anywhere on your computer where it is easy to access, and unzip the files. If you are working on this lesson as part of a workshop, your instructor may advise you to unzip the data files in a specific location.

See the Ecology Workshop Overview Page for more details about the data set.


SQL is a specialized programming language used with databases. We use a simple database manager called SQLite in our lessons.

We will use the DB Browser for SQLite program, which is available for all major platforms.

Am I ready?

The first lesson episode has instructions on loading the data in DB Browser. If you can follow the instructions under “Relational Databases” or “Import”, everything should have downloaded and installed correctly.