• Professional programmers use Google regularly
  • Learning how to search, read, and apply online help is a key skill
  • Ask students for something they want to search
  • Demo searching for an answer
  • Highlighting points below


  • Get the vocabulary right
  • Avoid extra words
  • Specify the language


Help sites
  • Read the question
  • Look at the setup
  • Check the age
  • Check the top 2-3 answers
  • Glance at the comments
  • Test & modify the example
    • But don’t blindly paste things you don’t understand
    • Reputation can help - e.g., StackOverflow w/lots of positive votes
Blog posts
  • Read the question
  • Look at the setup
  • Use Find
  • Use Find
  • Focus on the examples

Testing and modifying answers

  • Test the example
  • Modify the example
  • But be careful
    • Malicious code examples exist
    • Do you trust the site
    • Does it have a lot of upvotes
    • Top of searches with lots of hits