1. Setup an Posit Cloud account linked to course by using the following steps:

  • In Canvas, click on the RStudio Signup Link on the Course Links page.
  • Click “Sign up” (under the “Log in” button)
  • Enter you UF email address
  • Click out of the email address box, which will cause the screen to change
  • Click “Log in via University of Florida”, which will redirect you to the UF login page
  • Log in through UF, which will return you to Posit Cloud
  • Enter your name and finish creating the account

2. Watch the Introduction to R and RStudio Video:

3. Watch the Introduction Posit Cloud Video:

4. Make sure you have RStudio installed or access to Posit Cloud

5. Watch the Expressions and Variables in R video:

6. Watch the two videos on formatting and submitting assignments:

7. Do Exercise 1.1-1.3 - Basic Expressions and Exercise 2 - Basic Variables

8. Watch the Using Functions video:

9. Do Exercise 4.1-4.3 - Built-in Functions

10. Watch the Basic Vectors video:

11. Do Basic Vectors.

12. Watch the Null Values in R video:

13. Do Nulls in Vectors.

14. Watch the Working with Multiple Vectors in R video:

15. Do Shrub Volume Vectors 1-3.

16. Finish the Introduction to R and RStudio assignment.