1. Watch the Introduction to the UHURU dataset video:

2. Watch the Basics of ggplot video:

3. Do Task 1 in Acacia and ants.

4. Watch the Rescaling Axes in ggplot video:

5. Do Task 2 in Acacia and ants.

6. Watch the Grouping Values Using Color and Facets video:

7. Do Tasks 3-4 in Acacia and ants.

8. Watch the Combining Multiple Layers video:

9. Do Task 5 in Acacia and ants.

10. Watch the Statistical Transformations video:

11. Do Tasks 1-2 in Acacia and ants histograms.

12. Watch the Changing Aesthetics in Different Layers video:

13. Do Task 3 in Acacia and ants histograms.

14. Watch the Saving Plots as Images video:

15. Finish the Data Visualization Assignment