1. Watch the Introduction to SQL Databases For dplyr Users video:

2. Watch the Selecting Columns Using SELECT video:

3. Watch the Filtering Data Using WHERE video:

4. Do the Simple WHERE exercise.

5. Watch the Sorting Using ORDER BY video:

6. Watch the Grouping And Summarizing Data Using GROUP BY video:

7. Do the COUNT exercise.

8. Watch the Order Of SQL Keywords video:

9. Watch the Combining Tables Using JOIN video:

10. Do Basic Join and Multi-table Join exercises.

11. Watch the Introduction to Connecting to and Working With SQL Databases From R video:

12. Watch the Running SQL Database Queries From R video:

13. Watch the Querying SQL Databases Using dplyr video:

14. Do the Links to Databases exercise.

15. Watch the Copying Data From R To A Database video:

16. Do the Copy to Database exercise.