Exercise Template (Templates)

  1. Determine the topic, title, and language from the front matter of your new or modified exercise.
  2. Name the file with the format Topic-title-Language.md in the exercises/ directory such as Templates-exercise-template-Python.md. The file must start with an UPPER case letter.
  3. Generate or repair course linkages.
    • The title may be listed in assignments/
    • An output file or set of files can be stored in solutions/ with matching Topic-title-Language format. The file retains its file extension. Multiple files are numbered such as: Templates-exercise-template-Python-1.txt, Templates-exercise-template-Python-2.jpg, …
    • Reference the exercise in a follow-up link: [Title](/semester-biology/exercises/Topic-title-Language)
  4. Be sure to contribute your new exercise to the Data Carpentry Repository.
Expected outputs for Exercise Template: 1