From most up-to-date course version on GitHub

  • Familiarize yourself with the site and course structure.
    • _includes/, _layouts/, nav/, and public contain essential site software for Jekyll to render the website from .HTML and .MD files. These files can be left AS IS for a ‘computer programming’ template. Template developers may toggle object names for element: and language: used to organize course materials.
  • Follow the course customization guide to identify the files and values that need to be stripped of content or replaced with a descriptive placeholder.
  • For [assignments/, code/, data/, exercises/, lectures/, materials/, readings/]:
    • Remove all files EXCEPT from the directory
    • Move templates/ file to directory
    • Revise to template
  • For solutions/:
    • Remove all files EXCEPT Exercises-template.txt
  • For [,]:
    • Revise for general template language.

OR, pull a well out-dated, but largely generated, template…

git checkout -b make-template master
git pull template