Teaching Strategies and Course Delivery

Flipped Classroom

In a Flipped Classroom, students are assigned readings/ prior to class with a focus on exercises/ and assignments/ in class. lectures/ are brief and serve to motivate the activity for the class. This course uses a flipped, learner-centered, approach because learning to program is most effective when students are actively working with computers. Flipped classes work well for all kinds of content, but they work particularly well for computer oriented classes. Take a look at the great info-graphic below for more about the Flipped Classroom approach.

Workshop In-class Format

While this course is designed as a flipped classroom, some motivation and re- exposure to the ideas from the readings/ is beneficial. In some cases, multiple key topics are more effectively introduced separately, where a brief introduction to one of the key topics is followed by the students completing an exercise on that topic. Depending on the length of the assignment and class session this could be repeated 2-3 times to cover that many key topics. Recommended structure for this strategy is included for R and SQL lessons in lectures/ and materials/.

Flipped Classroom

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