Introduction to R for Geospatial Data: Instructor Notes

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Instructor notes

Lesson motivation and learning objectives

This lesson is designed to introduce learners to the core concepts of R that they will need in order to complete the other lessons in this workshop. It is intended for learners who have no prior experience with R. If your workshop learners have all completed another Software or Data Carpentry R workshop, or have taken courses in R, you can skip this lesson and move straight into the Introduction to Geospatial Raster and Vector Data with R lesson.

This lesson is a trimmed-down version of the R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis SWC lesson. It does not cover visualization in detail, as the later lesson in this workshop covers visualization in the context of geospatial data.

Lesson design

Introduction to R and RStudio

Project Management With RStudio

Data Structures

Exploring Data Frames

Subsetting Data

Dataframe Manipulation with dplyr

Introduction to Visualization

Writing Data

Concluding remarks

Technical tips and tricks

Common problems

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