Introduction to Geospatial Concepts: Instructor Notes

Instructor notes

Lesson motivation and learning objectives

This lesson is designed to introduce learners to the core concepts of geospatial raster and vector data that they will need in order to complete the other lessons in this workshop. It is primarily intended for learners who have not worked with geospatial data before (but plan to do so in the future), but it is also useful for learners who have worked with geospatial data in GUI-based systems like ArcGIS. Those systems often hide details of file formats and metadata types that are essential to know about when working with geospatial data through CUI interfaces like R.

Lesson design

Introduction to Raster Data

Introduction to Vector Data

Coordinate Reference Systems

The Geospatial Landscape

Concluding points

Technical tips and tricks

Not applicable. No software used in this lesson.

Common problems

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