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Data Carpentry publications and presentations


Data Carpentry: Workshops to Increase Data Literacy for Researchers
TK Teal, KA Cranston, H Lapp, E White, G Wilson, K Ram, A Pawlik
International Journal of Digital Curation 10 (1), 135-143


PLOScast - Managing scientific data with Tracy Teal
Good data management is so important to science, but learning how to use tools for handling data is a significant time investment. In December 2015’s PLOScast, Elizabeth Seiver speaks with Tracy Teal, the Executive Director of Data Carpentry, a nonprofit organization that teaches researchers the fundamental skills for working more effectively with data. Together they talk about data management skills that can change how researchers do science and offer tips on how to make handling data easier for all.

Podcast.init - Maneesha Sane on Software and Data Carpentry
The Software and Data Carpentry organizations have a mission of making it easier for scientists and data analysts in academia to replicate and review each others work. In order to achieve this goal they conduct training and workshops that teach modern best practices in software and data engineering, including version control and proper data management. In this episode we had the opportunity to speak with Maneesha Sane, the program coordinator for both organizations, so that we could learn more about how these projects are related and how they approach their mission.


SciPy 2014 Lightning Talk - Introducing Data Carpentry - starting at minute 13:30