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Lessons › Genomics Workshop Pilot and BugBBQ at University of Arizona
Help prepare the Genomics lessons for release in June!
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Lessons › Atmos Ocean Launch
Want to teach data science skills to people working with weather, climate and ocean data?
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Lessons › Geospatial Launch
Want to teach geospatial skills? Sign up for onboarding or to host a pilot workshop today.
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Lessons › Social Sciences Lessons Published!
Announcing publication of a Data Carpentry curriculum for social scientists.
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An extended Data Carpentry Workshop over 7 weeks instead of 2 days
Background to the workshop and lessons learned
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Launching The Carpentries Website
“We release our new merged website to celebrate our new merged identity, and to complement information in The Carpentries Handbook.”
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Updates on the new Geospatial and Social Sciences lessons
CarpentryCon 2018 › Volunteering for CarpentryCon 2018
CarpentryCon 2018 Needs YOUR help
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Building Library Carpentry Community and Development
Launching our New Handbook
Find new pathways to a range of Carpentries' materials
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Developing GitHub labels for The Carpentries lessons
The process of developing GitHub labels for our lessons.
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Mentoring Groups Open for Multiple Timezones
What can I do during the Bug BBQ? › How to be involved in the Bug BBQ?
A short guide on how to contribute and be involved during The Carpentries Bug BBQ.
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DC Genomics Workshop, UC Davis, January 2018
Webinar with Rochelle Tractenberg: Debrief
Welcome to New Trainers
Mentoring Groups are Back!
'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.' - African Proverb
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Call for Code of Conduct Committee Volunteers
Bug BBQ › Announcing the first joint Carpentries Bug BBQ
Mark your calendar, the first joint Carpentries Bug BBQ will take place April 12-13!
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Call for Contributions: Data Carpentry Ecology and Software Carpentry Curriculum Advisory Committees
“Be part of a team providing oversight, vision, and leadership for Carpentry curriculum.”
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State of the State: Instructor Checkout
“An updated history of how new Instructors become certified”
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Mentoring › Mentoring Groups Showcase their Accomplishments
Community members engage during the mentoring groups virtual showcase.
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Valerie Aurora to Keynote at CarpentryCon 2018
Scaling Collaborative Curriculum Development for Data Skills Training
Unveiling the Carpentries Logo
Expanding Library Carpentry: Hiring a Library Carpentry Coordinator
State of the State: Carpentry Maintainers
Carpentries Transition From Fiscally Sponsored Project to NumFOCUS Community Alliance Member
Data Carpentry: Building Community Teaching Universal Data Literacy › A Look Back and A Look Ahead from the Data Carpentry Steering Committee
New Year Message from the Carpentries' Executive Director
The Centrality of the Code of Conduct
A Week o' Carpentry
Bringing Carpentries Training to the Federal Reserve Board
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Our 2017 Community Service Award winner: Anelda van der Walt
Announcing the 2018 Executive Council for the Carpentries
A Response to the 'Null Effects' paper from Feldon et al. › When Do Workshops Work?
Challenges Assessing Data Science
Call for Contributions: Geospatial and Social Sciences Lessons
“Get involved as we prepare to publish two new Data Carpentry curricula”
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Open Con Berlin - Impressions
Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee 2017 November meeting
My Favorite Tool: Rasterio
North West University Mafikeng Data Carpentry workshop
Meet the Candidates
Applicants for the 2018 Merged Carpentries Steering Committee
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Genomics Lesson Release
A Mentoring Subcommittee Co-Chair position has just opened!
Work first-hand on developing our ever growing instructor pool.
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16S Metagenomics Workshop based on Data Carpentry: successes and challenges
Apply to Become a Carpentry Maintainer
Skills Training for Librarians: Expanding Library Carpentry
Pack Your Bags for Dublin!
Ireland the venue for inaugural CarpentryCon
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Assessment › Pilot Survey Focus Group Update
Outcomes from focus group to discuss Data Carpentry’s survey instruments
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People's Favourite Tools
My Favorite Tool is Git
Call for Joint Carpentries Leadership › Call for Nominations to Joint Steering Committee
Stand for election to the joint Steering Committee of the merged Carpentries organization
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Assessment › Our long-term assessment results are in!
A discussion of learner outcomes more than six months after attending a Carpentries workshop.
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Blogging for the Carpentries - We Want to Hear From You
Share your knowledge to help others work more efficiently
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Mentoring › Carpentries Mentorship Program - 2.0
We’re starting a new round of mentoring groups, centered on specific lessons.
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Work Cycle Ganymede Wraps Up
Here's what we accomplished
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Mentoring is Back! › Round Two of the Carpentries Mentoring Program begins October 25th
Mentoring groups provide experienced instructors with the chance to help small groups develop confidence in teaching, lesson maintenance and community building.
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Trainer Training Announcement
Invitación a Participar / Invitation to Participate
The Carpentries' In-Person Staff Meeting
Request for Comment: Share your thoughts on the future of The Carpentries
Introducing Elizabeth Williams and Karen Word
Genomics Bug BBQ
Working to update the Genomics lessons
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Dyslexia and Coding
What we can do in workshops to help people with dyslexia
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Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee 2017 September meeting
This post will cover the topics discussed and their resolutions.
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Introducing SherAaron Hurt
Joint future for Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry
New Trainers On Board
Genomics Issue Bonanza Starts Soon!
Upcoming Publication of Genomics Materials
Assessment › Reflections on Assessment
Data Carpentry launches Skills-Based Pre- and Post-Workshop Surveys
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Motions approved for Data Carpentry & Software Carpentry Merger
Work Cycle Phobos Wraps Up
Here's what we accomplished
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The Data Carpentry journey to University of Venda, South Africa
Ecology workshop and study group
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Bringing Data Carpentry to Florida State University
Bug BBQ to Update Instructor Training Materials
Two days of bug squashing coming up!
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Help Update the Instructor Training Materials
We’re releasing a new version of the Carpentry Instructor Training curriculum - learn how you can help!
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Meet the Folks
Use our meetups page to find Carpenters at conferences
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The Magic of Minute Cards
Formative assessment for instructors!
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Job Posting: Workshop Administrator
Timeline for the the Data Carpentry & Software Carpentry Reorganization
Genomics Interest
Announcing Belinda Weaver as our Community Development Lead
Please welcome her to our staff!
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Instructor Access to Workshops
Working with hosts and instructors on workshop access
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Projects for Cycle Phobos
Apply to Become a Carpentry Instructor Trainer!
Cycle Deimos wrapup
“Here’s what we accomplished.”
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Data Carpentry Genomics comes to the Netherlands
The Netherlands eScience Center in collaboration with University Medical Center Utrecht, SURFsara and DTL/ELIXIR-NL organized one of the first Data Carpentry Genomics workshops in Europe.
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Call for Contributions: Moving Ahead with Genomics Data Carpentry
“Get involved as we prepare for our first Issue Bonanza and Bug BBQ on the Data Carpentry Genomics lessons”
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First Data Carpentry Lesson Publication
“Hundreds of contributors to the Ecology lessons first official release”
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Instructor Training in Puerto Rico
“Building community through training and coding”
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Bug BBQ squashes bugs!
“Over 75 pull requests from the Issue Bonanza and Bug BBQ”
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Data Carpentry supports I4OC
Promoting the unrestricted availability of scholarly citation data
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Be a part of Data Carpentry’s first lesson release!
We’re planning our first lesson release - learn how you can contribute!
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Projects for Cycle Deimos
Assessment › Long-Term Assessment Strategy
With the help of our community we added skills-based questions to our surveys!
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Our first work cycle, Prometheus
“Here’s what we accomplished.”
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Get Involved With Mentoring
Meet other instructors and help the community grow.
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Updates from the Data Carpentry Steering Committee annual in-person meeting
A brief review of the past year and plans for the year ahead
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Ecology Issue Bonanza!!!
We’re planning our first lesson release - learn how you can contribute!
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Building Community › A Year to Build a Software and Data Carpentry Community at the University of Florida - The Impact of a Local Instructor Training Workshop on Building Computing Capacity
Community › Run a workshop this Spring!
Attend our new ‘Run a Workshop!’ office hours.
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Reproducible Data-Driven Discovery
Report back from the Curriculum Development Hackathon for Reproducible Research using Jupyter Notebooks and the Moore Foundation Early Career Researcher Symposium
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Community › Carpentries Career Pathways Panel - Marianne Corvellec, Bernhard Konrad, Aleksandra Pawlik
Job Opportunity: Community Development Lead
How we’re getting things done
Science of Learning › Transfer of Learning
“How to navigate the inevitably awkward.”
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Community › Standing for Inclusivity: a Foundation for Our Teaching and Community
Instructor Training › Moving Forward
Best recipe - just add statistics and science
Building Community › The Community of Carpentry Enthusiasts at the University of Wisconsin
Why we teach what we teach › The SQL Ecology Lessons
Partnerships › South Africa's North-West University Becomes Software and Data Carpentry’s first African Partner
Community › Carpentries Career Pathways Panel: Raniere Silva, Geneviève Smith, Tiffany Timbers
Data in the Field › Soft(ware) Skills
Community › Career Pathways Panel Discussions
Data in the Field › How I Developed a Workflow for Success in Graduate School
Community › Join our new Mentorship Program!
Gratitude › Congratulations to Greg on his new position!
Thanks for all his amazing and inspirational work
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Science of Learning › Growth Mindset
“No matter how hard I practice I’ll never be able to dunk a basketball.”
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Community › Feedback on Communications
Creating a transparent and community-driven communications strategy.
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Data in the Field › Climate Science and the Command Line
Building Community › Discovering the data science community, becoming part of it, and expanding it
Instructor Training › Instructor Training for Librarians
Building Community › Building Genomics Data Analysis Capacity at NWU
Support › A Year in Review: Annual Moore Progress Report
Data in the Field › Hand-crafted relational databases for fun and science
Data in the Field › Making use of Data Skills
How our community uses data skills in their work
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Why we teach what we teach › The Python ecology lessons
Why we teach what we teach › The R ecology lessons
Curriculum › Collaborative Lesson Development for Semester-long Courses
Building on Data Carpentry's core strength of collaborative lesson development.
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Curriculum › Reproducible Research using Jupyter Notebooks: Curriculum Development Hackathon
Apply to participate!
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Community › Forming a Community-Developed Code of Conduct: What we learned.
Instructors › Open Instructor Training
Thank you to all of our amazing applicants!
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Science of Learning › Belonging: Developing a Community of Practice among Data Carpentry Learners
When did you realize you belonged to the Carpentry community?
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Assessment › Analysis of Data Carpentry Workshop Impact
Data Carpentry workshops have made a meaningful impact on the way learners view their ability to complete computational tasks.
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Community › Community Call on Assessment
Discussion of our workshop survey results
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Science of Learning › I think I can - Self-Efficacy and the Carpentry Learner
Linking self-efficacy to learner success in carpentry workshops.
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Community › September Carpentries Community Call
Join the community call to connect with other instructors & get activity updates
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Science of Learning › Responding to your Learners
The importance of formative assessment
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Community › September Data Carpentry All-Stars!
Recognizing volunteers for their outstanding work in the community.
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Workshops › Resources for Running Workshops
Community › Code of Conduct and Call for Volunteers for Policy Subcommittee
The Carpentries seek your involvement in developing conduct-related policy.
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Staff › Announcing our new Deputy Director of Assessment
Dr. Kari L. Jordan joins Data Carpentry as the new Deputy Director of Assessment
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Community › Survey on workshops for for-profit organizations
Requesting community feedback on workshops for for-profit organizations
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Instructors › Reopening Instructor Training
Two open instructor training classes this fall
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Curriculum › A Roadmap for Lesson Development
Practices › How to approach selecting a license for data release
Suggestions and perspectives on how to select a license for your data publication
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Instructors › Instructor and trainee involvement
Analysis of checkout completion rates and time to first workshop for new instructors
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Instructors › R Instructor Training
Applications are now open for R instructor training
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Staff › Welcoming our new Associate Director
Dr. Erin Becker starts as the new Data Carpentry Associate Director
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Community › A Welcoming Community
We're committed to a friendly and respectful community for learning, teaching and contributing
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Partnerships › Announcing Partnerships
There are now opportunities to be partners with Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry
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Staff › Hiring a Deputy Director of Assessment
We're hiring a Deputy Director of Assessment to study the impact we are having
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Workshops › Hello, Spatio-temporal Data Carpentry
News from the pilot of the spatial data Data Carpentry workshop
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Instructors › Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training Comes to Africa
Instructor training event will take place in Potchefstroom, North-West Province, South Africa from 17 - 20 April 2016
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Workshops › Starting off Data Carpentry in 2016
Several workshops starting off Data Carpentry in 2016
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Curriculum › Data Carpentry to adopt Reproducible Research Curriculum
Curriculum added to Data Carpentry to further support training in reproducible research
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Staff › Hiring an Associate Director
We're hiring an Associate Director to lead community engagement and education efforts
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Workshops › Workshop in Brussels, 2-3 Nov 2015
At the beginning of November, Belgium held its first Data Carpentry workshop.
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Support › Collaboration with rOpenSci on training for working with open data
A grant to rOpenSci from Helmsley Charitable Trust supports a collaboration with Data Carpentry to develop training for the use and publication of open data.
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Instructors › Data Carpentry Instructor Certification
for Software Carpentry Instructors
Already a Software Carpentry instructor? Become a Data Carpentry instructor too!
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Workshops › Data Carpentry in Africa
First Data Carpentry workshop in Africa at the TDWG conference
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Support › Grant from the Moore Foundation
We are very pleased to announce that we've received a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.
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Administration › Data Carpentry Workshop Fees
Workshop fees to increase for workshops scheduled after September 1, 2015 to help with organization sustainability
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Workshops › Data Carpentry Goes to the Netherlands
ELIXIR sponsored Data Carpentry workshop
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Lessons › Data Carpentry Genomics and Asssessment Hackathon
Announcing a Data Carpentry Genomics and Assessment Hackathon
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Lessons › Guiding Data Carpentry
Guidelines and directions for Data Carpentry
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Lessons › Moore Foundation contribution to Data Carpentry
Blog › Data Carpentry Blog
Announcing a Data Carpentry Blog
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