California Digital Library is hiring for a Library Carpentry Project Coordinator!

Job posting and application

The deadline for the Library Carpentry Project Coordinator position has just been extended. New deadline February 21, 2018.

California Digital Library is looking to hire a Library Carpentry Coordinator who will work with The Carpentries to further develop Library Carpentry and continue to build a community and curriculum. A successful Library Carpentry Coordinator is passionate about bringing data skills and perspectives to the library community and supporting libraries in building local capacity for training. The Library Carpentry Coordinator will use product management skills, project management skills, software/data skills, and knowledge of the Data Carpentry & Software Carpentry community to promote and expand the reach of the Library Carpentry across the US. While this is a US based position, the work done will be integrated with and support the efforts of the global Library Carpentry community. Applications are open, and the deadline is February 21, 2018.

This position is funded for two years by an IMLS grant to the California Digital Library (CDL). This position will work closely with The Carpentries as well as the CDL and its digital curation team, University of California Curtation Center (UC3).

Job responsibilities:

Job qualifications


Compensation will be negotiated commensurate with experience.

To Apply

To apply, please apply through the California Digital Library job posting with your resume/CV and a cover letter.

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