We’ve been enjoying the added focus and sense of accomplishment we’ve gained from working in cycles. If there’s something you’re excited about for the next round, let us know! If you’d like to join (or organize) a team for one of the next few cycles, let us know! Please post an issue on our conversations repo or email ebecker@carpentries.org.

Our third cycle - Cycle Phobos (May 29th through July 21st)

Our third cycle started this week and goes through July 21st. We focused on planning this first week. Here’s what we’re hoping to accomplish in this cycle.

Working towards publication of Instructor Training and Data Carpentry Genomics curricula

Jason Williams, Bob Freeman, Sue McClatchy, Mateusz Kuzak, Erin and Tracy are working on preparing for the first publication of the Data Carpentry Genomics lessons. There is a lot of enthusiasm for this curriculum push, with over 70 people interested in being involved! During this cycle, we will be forming a Genomics curriculum advisory board, finding maintainers for each of the lessons, and cleaning up the repo organization. Towards the end of this cycle, we will be having an Issue Bonanza. Stay tuned for more information!

Karen Word, Naupaka Zimmerman, Lex Nederbragt, Rayna Harris, Christina Koch and Erin are working with the rest of the Trainer community to revamp the Instructor Training curriculum for its next release in August. We’ll be having an Issue Bonanza July 13th and 14th and a Bug BBQ August 3rd and 4th. Keep an eye out for more announcements about these events!

Developing a guide for Trainers

Maneesha is working on putting together documentation and checklists for Trainers running instructor training events. If you’re a Trainer and have any questions or issues of unclarity surrounding instructor training events, please send your thoughts to Maneesha as she’s gathering information for this documentation.

Pursuing funding for specific efforts

Data Carpentry has been focusing closely on curriculum development in the past months and is committed to continuing those efforts over the next year. During this cycle, we are focusing on pursuing more resources to help us maintain high quality lessons and expand our curricular offerings into new domains.

In addition to growth in new domains, Data and Software Carpentry are committed to improving our ability to serve learners in underserved regions. Anelda van der Walt has led growth efforts in Africa and had great success in starting to establish a Carpentry community on the continent. This is a big job! We’re now seeking funding to help support workshop coordination and other work necessary to support new Carpentry communities, in both Africa and Latin America. If you have ties to these regions and are interested in helping secure funding for these efforts, please contact Erin.

Communication around assessment

Kari is working on developing a plan for communicating the results of our long-term follow-up survey to both the Carpentry community and the wider data science community. She’s also cleaning up and archiving pre- and post-workshop survey data so that this information is more accessible to interested members of the community. During this cycle, she will also be leading an effort to complete a report of the post-workshop survey results from Software Carpentry’s workshops thus far. If you are interested in being involved with these efforts, check out the carpentry community assessment projects repo.

Small batch projects

Continuing Work

We’re also continuing to work on our many ongoing projects, including (but not limited to):

If you’re interested in helping with any of this ongoing work, or would like to make suggestions about what to tackle in our next cycle, let us know! Please post an issue on our conversations repo or email ebecker@carpentries.org.

Our next two cycles will be:

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