Version Control Basic

Set Up Git

Let’s say that you’re working on analyzing fish scale size data one day. Unfortunately you weren’t using version control and your cat jumped all over your keyboard and managed to replace your analysis code with:



before somehow hitting Ctrl-s and overwriting all of your hard word.

Determined to not let this happen again you’ve committed to using git for version control.

Install Git for your operating system following the setup instructions. Then create a new repo at the Github organization for the class:

  1. Navigate to Github in a web browser and login.
  2. Click the + at the upper right corner of the page and choose New repository.
  3. Choose the class organization (e.g., dcsemester) as the Owner of the repo.
  4. Fill in a Repository name that follows the form FirstnameLastname.
  5. Select Private.
  6. Select Initialize this repository with a README.
  7. Click Create Repository.

Next, set up a project for this assignment in RStudio with the following steps:

  1. File -> New Project -> Version Control -> Git
  2. Navigate to your new Git repo -> Click the Clone or download button -> Click the Copy to clipboard button.
  3. Paste this in Repository URL:.
  4. Leave Project directory name: blank; automatically given repo name.
  5. Choose where to Create project as subdirectory of:.
  6. Click Create Project.
  7. Check to make sure you have a Git tab in the upper right window.