Data Frames

Shrub Volume Data Frame

This is a follow up to Shrub Volume Vectors.

One of your collaborators has posted a comma-delimited text file online for you to analyze. The file contains dimensions of a series of shrubs (shrubID, length, width, height) and they need you to determine their volumes (length * width * height). You could do this using a spreadsheet, but the project that you are working on is going to be generating lots of these files so you decide to write a program to automate the process.

Download the data, use read.csv() to import it into R, and use it to produce the following information:

  1. A vector of shrub lengths
  2. A vector of the volume of each of the shrubs
  3. A data frame with just the shrubID and height columns
  4. A data frame with the second row of the full data frame
  5. A data frame with the first 5 rows of the full data frame
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